Why Ipods Are So Popular

By Cauldwell Pipps

The ipod has almost single-handedly changed the way the entire world listens to music, watch videos, and more or less the way we experience any kind of portable media. They were rather expensive when they first can out and were only really seen in the hands of people with enough money to buy the latest gadgets, but a few years down the line they have become one of the most common items for people to count among their personal belongings.

As everyone knows there have been many new versions of the ipod since its original release, the first ipod device was made mainly as a device for storing and viewing photos, now however, when you think ipod, you immediately think music. Before the ipod became the predominant device for listening to music, one would have either had to carry around a somewhat cumbersome CD player or use their computer. Now however it is easier than ever to carry around your favourite movies, songs and pictures all in a convenient little gadget. Choosing the right ipod to buy however, is something that I would advise you take a bit of care over.

One of the first things you should check before you buy the ipod is the authenticity of the memory card inside as there are many devices posing as ipods with memory cards of lower quality and that generally produce a far lower quality of sound and can only fit far fewer songs on it than a genuine ipod should.

Another technological feature of the ipod is the ability to Bluetooth files such as songs or videos to other people who have Bluetooth on their ipod. This feature started out as a feature on phones and because it is such a convenient way of sharing files, it was a huge success and so many other gadgets adopted it as a feature.

There are always other portable media devices other than a standard Apple ipod that you could go for instead. There are many other companies in competition with Apple that make gadgets just as functional and amazing as the ipod, and sometimes for a cheaper price. - 29889

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