Digital Mixing Software for PC - Some Tips

By Richard Brown

After choosing the DJ software that suits you the best, you need a PC or laptop on which you can test it. A normal CPU is enough and you do not need to have the best processor and the biggest computer memory.

Now you have to determine the size of hard drive you wish. You do require a lot of space to store the various tracks. In most cases, you will be having thousands of them to store. So go for anywhere more than 120 GB of hard disk space.

Sound is one of the most important things for you. A sound card has to be picked out cautiously. You can either set up an external or an internal sound card. There are many types of them available. You should choose a high quality one.

A computer or a laptop should be employed just for the PCDJ. You should not employ the same PC for other things. Use it only for the digital DJ software and do not utilize it for browsing the internet or other private tasks.

Before you set up the Digital DJ software on your existing computer, make sure you have formatted it and reinstalled the operating system. You need to tidy up your system.

Tracks on a cdrom need to be ripped so as to convert them to MP3 format to store them in your computer. You should hold the ripping quality to be high so that the overall quality is good.

PCDJ software does not need you to have the greatest configuration in your computer but you should know the minimal prerequisites that are mentioned on the developer's site. You can also see several free trial software.

You will be able to test the PCDJ without any trouble if your computer's computer memory is 512 mb or more. The hard drive capacity must be 120 gb or greater because you have to store a huge number of tracks. There are several countries where a license is essential for ripping music, so you should better confirm that. - 29889

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